Underground Party

The underground Dungeon Party is packed tonight, filled with anticipation and excitement because this gathering attracts the elite of the elite in the world of Leather and SM.  This is ‘the’ party for players and those who love to fuk.

U must adhere to the strict dress code and be well connected to even have a hope of getting in.  The address is not released until 2 hours before and only a certain type of punter walks through these doors.

My heart races as I move through the dark corridors that lead to many dimly light fuk spaces.  All 6 corridors finally meet and open out into a fully equipped Dungeon where  Mistress’s and Daddy’s have positioned themselves for the duration of the night as if waiting for approaching prey to enter their lair.

The fuk spaces are already echoing passionate sounds of pleasure as girls scream and drip on the end of unknown Boi’s cocks.  Sucking and gagging on their knees pleasuring their Boi’s whilst struggling to breathe.

Other girls line the walls of the corridors, advertising through their eyes in the hope a Leather Dyke will approach them and seduce them into sex, offering to lick their aching pussy’s, finger their little holes and such on their already erect nipples.

Shy but sexy Boi’s cruise the far entrance to the Dungeon.  These Boi’s seek special girls, obedient girls, girls that like to play and play hard.

These Boi’s know exactly what they want and they pace, on edge, waiting, watching.

Ur leather caught my attention as my eyes found u leaning comfortably against the wall in the shadowed far corner of the Dungeon.  I stood quiet. Watching u from my shielded vantage point behind a beautifully finished timber flogging frame.

Mistress’s cruised past u and although u made eye contact with them, u did not engage further.  They continued to flirt with u, some touching u slightly as they passed by.  Ur hands never moved from ur pockets and ur body didn’t flinch at their advances.

Almost 10 minutes passes before u realised I was watching.  U acknowledge me with an inviting and reassuring smile.  My eyes fall to the floor remaining focused on my tightly laced boots shinning in the candle light.  My breathe deepens as I prepare to look back up in the hope u are still looking my way.  I pause,  inhale, straighten my shoulders and then look up.

U were gone, no longer in the shadows, no where in my view of the Dungeon.  Then from behind, I felt ur presents.  In a calm yet commanding voice u spoke to me.

Girl, why were u watching me and what do u want?”

I couldn’t speak. I wanted to but I couldn’t.  I could smell u, hear u breathing and feel u pressing into me.

“Where’s ur Daddy girl or has ur Boi been stupid enough to let u out of his sight.  Someone must own u, cat got ur tongue Girl?

Ur hand finds my neck and takes hold, twisting my head slightly sideways, pulling me close to u.

“GIRL, I expect u to answer me”

I’m not owned, I mean…. I don’t have a Daddy or a Boi.  But I ……..”

My eyes r shut tight, my face feels hot and my words r muddled.  I’m wet just from ur touch and my clit is swollen and rubbing against my pants.  Ur other hand slides down inside my kilt, down into my wet pants touching me enough to make me jump a little and make my legs feel weak.

U hold me tight against u.

“Come with me Girl, I want u, need u, don’t ask questions just trust me because I’ve been waiting for u for so long.  My cock is hard and aching to be inside u, some with me Girl and let me fuk u as if u were mine”.

U lead me down to the last corridor and pull me into a small dark room, I can barely see anything but can still feel u behind me.  U push me against what I think is a heavy wooden bench.  It feels like the kind you’d find in an old workshop.

Ur hand wraps firmly around the back of my neck pushing me further forward until my face finds the timber surface.  U lift my kilt, wroughly, pulling my pants, forcing them to fall to my feet.

“Open ur legs Girl”.

I do as u ask.  With that ur cock was inside of me, taking my breathe away, ur so big and u fuk so hard.  I cant stay quiet, the harder u fuk, the more u push my face against the bench.

I can’t stay quiet, screaming with pleasure.  My wet leaks down ur cock and I cant feel my legs anymore.  My clit hurts, it wants to cum.  I’m consumed by u, ur energy engulfs me.

Pushing me down, deep inside me, I need to cum.

“Please Boi, please may I cum…please”

“Cum Girl, cum on my cock, cum for me girl”

My screams echo through the corridors, my cum rushes through my body and my cunt releases wet down my legs leaving me shaking and unable to move.

U wrap urself around my limp body as I struggle to catch my breathe, still inside me.

“Daddy loves u Girl and he’s here to take u home”.

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